A Letter from Richard Ochoa and Motorsport Showcase Events,

Motorsport Showcase Events is proud to announce our return to the Lowrider Magazine brand as one of our very important clients. We will continue to work diligently for the Lowrider community and the Custom and Classic Motor sporting Industry. We have partnered with Lowrider experts across the United States from the Southwest, Southeast and Midwest to showcase the traditional Lowrider style as well as the unique styles within the geographic areas.

In addition, the Motorsport Showcase website provides updated information of upcoming events, photo galleries and articles featuring local Lowrider motivators, history, music and culture. Blvd Art is an online and onsite exhibit of Lowrider and Chicano art throughout the nation. MS Blvd is a free social network which allows you to share your photos, videos and events within the Lowrider and custom vehicle community in one central online location.


Lowriding was created by automotive enthusiasts customizing their vehicles with Chicano art, culture and style which continues to grow in popularity. We have supported this movement since 1983, and throughout the country as well in consulting and as service providers. Myself and the Motorsport Showcase team have also played vital roles as consultants and contractors in a vast array of duties and responsibilities since 1989 with Lowrider Magazine, loyally protecting its brand at the forefront. This includes 29 years as a contributing contractor, and over 35 years of producing the very first Lowrider Magazine (Sanctioned) event in Arizona and sanctioned event out of the state of California.


Mesa Super Show


Arizona Super Show 2014-15

I wish to sincerely thank the tens of thousands of Lowrider Magazine fans and exhibitors we have had the honor and privilege in being part of Lowrider history! And so with great enthusiasm and anticipation, we are moving forward in seeing new opportunities for future Lowrider and custom and classic motor sporting events to come!

On behalf of Head Judge Danny Ochoa, move In Coordinator Eddie (Texas Ed) Zamarron, our entire team, and myself, we look forward in working once again as the Lowrider Magazine (Lowrider Events) Car Show Staff. Previously, our Motorsport Showcase team worked close to three decades with LRM and retired. But two years of recharging our batteries did us good. Though we continued to stay relevant in working car shows and producing a few of our own, we thought the timing was right to get back to the brand that we helped build and helped build us.

MS Blvd Activity

2024 Albuquerque Super Show - Registrations and Online Tickets are now available!!!

2024 Albuquerque Super Show - Registrations and Online Tickets are now available!!!